Everything you know about magic…

“Everything you know about magic is wrong,” wheezed Qu’a’ka, her mottled feathers bristling with distaste at the sight of her pupils.  Her black eyes darted to one student who dared raise his hand, speaking before he had even been acknowledged.

“Wait, we’ve spent weeks learning the harmony between elements,” his impetuousness earned him a rap on the head with her long pointing stick.

“Silence, Yellow Hair!” the previous instructor’s derogatory term for Scion had caught on and now no one called him anything else.  The boy rubbed the small knot the stick had raised as Qu’a’ka continued.  “As your stupid human fellow noted, you have spent weeks learning the harmony and balance that must exist between the five elements and with that knowledge, you must now learn that it is wrong.”

[Long and kind of rambly, just writing as ideas come to me…]

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