Who are you?


What is this blog about?
Mostly about writing, often about tech, sometimes about gaming, occassionally about parenting and rarely about marriage as I’m not an expert on anything but my own opinion.  Also, I get a little ranty and post pictures of artwork I’ve done.

Born and raised in the desert southwest, I am curious mix of ethnicities and cultures.  A little bit of both and a whole lot of neither, I am what some people would call ‘white-spanic’ or ‘anglexican’. This resulted in me having a rather unique outlook on Life, Politics and How Things Should Betm/c/r.  [Note: Not actually trademarked, copy-righted or registered]

Paying the bills:
I have been working as a “techie” since 1998, which pays for my bills and my gaming addiction (admitting you’re addicted is the first step!).  I fix things other people break and sometimes it’s funny.  Sometimes it’s gross.

I am the father of the world’s cutest little boy (shut up, yes he really is) and husband of my best friend (and the only person in the world who would put up with me).  I am a writer who after 70 inital rejections realized that my writing needed a LOT more work.  I am a MMO gamer, though juggling my gaming with my husbanding and fathering has been… interesting.