…Very exciting time…

I haven’t been able to keep up with any writing related activities lately (sorry IWSG!).  Between my grandfather falling and nearly splitting his head open (resulting in a 4 week hospital stay), finding out about complications to my wife’s pregnancy, and the start of a new semester… things have been hectic to say the very least.  We’re remodeling a house that is over 50 years old to make it more ADA accessible (though it will never be truly wheelchair friendly) too, so while I have plenty of things to fill my time, I have very little time or energy left over for writing.

I have a few ideas though, mostly which will make sense only to me.

  • Write the origin of the four seraphim meeting before they became ‘legends’.
  • Write the above in ‘story’ format (as in The Hobbit)
  • Work on the ‘final battle’ in the Three Warring Brothers book between Nathaniel and the Manipulator’s servants.  (“Remember, look for the lies.”)
  • In the TWB book, revise the method of binding (wristbands for the enslaved, collar for the master?).
  • Work on sketches for Ethan’s painting.
  • Review Judi’s stuff!

Add to all of that working on just regular work stuff.

We got a lot to do, we gotta get to it. – Tank (The Matrix)


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