Silence is golem…

I’ve been quiet a while and while I assume that not many people read what I have to say, well… this is my blog and I need an outlet for the random buzzing in my skull.


My criminal justice class was passed with flying colors.  104 average at the end of the semester, if you must know.  Yes, yes, that doesn’t make sense.  I am 4 points above perfect.  Thank you extra credit.

Advanced spreadsheets is also going well.  Someone asked me what I was doing in there (given that my prof speaks so highly of me), but believe it or not I am actually learning things I didn’t know.  I’ve had this professor before and he actually was my director for a little while, which might bias his opinion of me just a little.  I am pretty awesome and kinda smart.  My siblings make me look like a babbling idiot.  That should terrify you.


In either case, I have some fragments of stories buzzing in between my ears.


Menal image one: two figure far off in the distance on the beach. [bodyguard]

Mental image two: a item of terrible power [pandora’s box] opened by an obsessed man who knows what terrible things lay within but unable to resist the temptation.


I’mm post some excerpts when I have the mental strength to actually write.


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