…random thoughts.

Has it really almost been a month since I’ve posted anything here?  Well, that’s life for you, hmmm?

So, what’s happened in the last month?

I started school again.  Introduction to Criminal Justice and Advanced Spreadsheets (Excel).  It’s interesting to see the ‘maturity’ level between introductory classes and advanced classes.

I turned a year older.  Not much to report there other than my family got together and everyone behaved.  It was a nice day.  Been a while since I’ve been able to say that.

9/11’s 11th anniversary was yesterday.  Is it wrong to still be angry?  Not just at what happened then, but at everything that has happened since?  Our country briefly took a turn for the better (unity) then just spiraled out of control.  We’re more divided now than we were before 9/11 and the world certainly doesn’t have a more charitable view of us now than they did before.  Personally, I’d just stop all foreign aid and try and fix the problems HERE first.  I’m more or less in the center of the left/right spectrum (leaning slightly more to the right if I’d be truly honest) but politicians on both sides have proved over and over again that they are far more interested in their own agendas than the will of the governed.  We’re quickly headed in Greece’s direction, except we don’t have a conglomeration of countries willing to help us.  If the US goes into utter disarray I have a hard time believing that any country would come to our aid.

I don’t have much else to say right now, but I needed to write something down.  I’ll pop some art up in a few days.


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