Fall Madness…

The Fall semester is coming!  The Fall semester is coming!  Is it strange that I feel like Paul Revere when I tell my staff that?  It’s like the Bogeyman and Armageddon all rolled into one, when it comes to our department.  For clarification’s sake, I work in a call-centre(y) environment.  Our area is kind of different in that we don’t specialize in any one specific thing.  We have staff from Directory Assistance, Registration Assistance and Technical Support; but the overwhelming bulk of our calls is for Directory Assistance.  As the Fall semester approaches the calls and redirected calls from our Financial Aid department can hit in the hundreds per hour.  Add to that all of our normal call volume being at its peak and we’re looking at over 2,000 calls per hour handled by a staff of 5-6 people (at a time).  To say that things get crazy around here would be a mild understatement.

I don’t answer my personal cell phone much between now and late September.

The other side-effect of the high levels of stress during the next two months has been an utter lack of creativity.  I feel so brain-dead that I cannot focus on anything, most of the time… this year though, I’m going to do something about it!  I’m digging out my sci-fi/fantasy outline and plan on tinkering with that over the next few months since the classes I ended up with this year should be easier than last.  Criminal Justice (the instructor is a crazy/awesome person!) and Advanced Spreadsheets (another great instructor).  Unfortunately I missed out on my Computer Forensics class (bad time) and they aren’t even offering Operating System Security this year.  It’s very frustrating to have a single year from my AAS and certifications extended by even a semester because a lack of class availability.

I have other things I could mention here, but won’t… not yet.  I’m pretty sure its for sure, but I won’t have confirmation until later this month.

Now, where is that cup of coffee?  I’m back on the 6am-3pm shift and my brain hurts from the lack of sleep…


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