Buccaneer Blog Fest Fail!

Well, day after tomorrow is the last day of BBF and it pains me to say that I have utterly failed it.  I started off well enough, but as work and life and sheer overwhelmededness (is now a word) piled up on me… I looked at the list today and realized that I had fallen utterly behind!  I’m supposed to give something away today and discuss my experiences tomorrow… in addition to getting caught up with critiques that I still owe people.  How did this happen?

One procrastination at a time, sadly.  As much as I have on my plate right now, it is little compared to what the next four months of school (though thankfully all of my Cisco Networking classes are over and done with!) will heap on my lap.  Working as I do in a call-centery environment, my workload depends entirely on what is happening at any particular time and it is too easy to take a mental break between calls instead of actually working on something productive.

Fear is not the mind-killer… procrastination is.  Slowly I am dying.

Maybe I’ll do something about it tomorrow…



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