Don’t get thrown out a window!

I’m grinning ear to ear like a village idiot.  An agent I’m stalking following via Twitter made a comment about an obscure word and offered bonus points for anyone who could squeeze it into a query.


I took a moment to look it up (because I’m good, but I’m not that good) and after a cursory glance at something else they’d said (about lustiness and truthiness, which is apparently a word now) I came up with, “In all truthiness it was her lustiness that resulted in the defenestration of her second lover. #justbecause”. Mostly because I am a smartass, but also because the thought of it made me giggle. The result? I made an agent laugh and she said it was the best sentence ever written. She also asked me to write a novel based on that sentence! Another agent RT’ed my smartassery too. In the words of the immortal gangster poet Ice Cube, “I gotta say it was a good day.”

So… now I have this thread about a serial adulteress whose husband throws people out of windows. Those will make for interesting dreams, no doubt. Not my usual writing genre, but I think I’ll do a short story about it just for fun. I haven’t been writing as much as I used to. I’m an old-school, written word RPGer here. Back before the abomination that is Second Life/ IMVU/ et al existed and you were limited to actual WORDS. Ah, listen to me, I sound like a cranky old codger, don’t I? In any case, writing with other people is what encouraged me to write both of the novels I’ve “finished” and a large portion of my artwork. I developed an interesting character off of an interesting image and just kept writing. Good times.

After the brutal destruction of my query yesterday on: the little bit of positive attention from accomplished agents was very nice indeed. Who knows? One day I might actually submit something to them… but not today. My query and my manuscript both need work.


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