Baby Slush Pile is LIVE!

Here.  Right here.

Yep, I got chastised for the length of my query as I was expecting to.  I really need to tighten it up.  I’m not expecting to get an invite to submit 500 more words for the second round, but I did learn a bit from the comments:

One, this query is way too long!
-Fix by tightening up the query and eliminating the sub-plots.

Two, first paragraph was great!
-Yay!  Focus on THIS.

Three, too many people in the query!
-Yep.  I screwed that one up.  Hindsight and all of that.  I’m really going to focus the query on who the hero is,  what he wants and the consequences of failure.

Four,  interesting but too much info.
-This was the most common (and very valid) complaint which is closely tied to suggestion number three.

Baby Slush Pile Stats:


125 entries (confirmed)

20 selected (16% of entries)

Lowest Comment Count: 6 (4.8% entrants responded)

Highest Comment Count: 12 (9.6% entrants responded)

Average Comment Count:  10.3 (8% entrants responded)


I’m curious as how this compares to other contests this blog has run.  I’ve queried her on Twitter to find out.

[Edited 12:20pm MST]

How awesome is this? In the time it took me to go to lunch the number of comments have almost doubled on each of the entries! That’s a lot of great feed back for those writers.  I’ll recalculate the percentages tomorrow when more people have had a chance to comment.

[Edited 1:08PM MST]

The winners have been announced! Congrats to them all! Mine isn’t in that list, nor does it deserve to be.  I have a lot of work to do, I better get to it.


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