Everything you know about magic…

“Everything you know about magic is wrong,” wheezed Qu’a’ka, her mottled feathers bristling with distaste at the sight of her pupils.  Her black eyes darted to one student who dared raise his hand, speaking before he had even been acknowledged.

“Wait, we’ve spent weeks learning the harmony between elements,” his impetuousness earned him a rap on the head with her long pointing stick.

“Silence, Yellow Hair!” the previous instructor’s derogatory term for Scion had caught on and now no one called him anything else.  The boy rubbed the small knot the stick had raised as Qu’a’ka continued.  “As your stupid human fellow noted, you have spent weeks learning the harmony and balance that must exist between the five elements and with that knowledge, you must now learn that it is wrong.”

[Long and kind of rambly, just writing as ideas come to me…]

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…Very exciting time…

I haven’t been able to keep up with any writing related activities lately (sorry IWSG!).  Between my grandfather falling and nearly splitting his head open (resulting in a 4 week hospital stay), finding out about complications to my wife’s pregnancy, and the start of a new semester… things have been hectic to say the very least.  We’re remodeling a house that is over 50 years old to make it more ADA accessible (though it will never be truly wheelchair friendly) too, so while I have plenty of things to fill my time, I have very little time or energy left over for writing.

I have a few ideas though, mostly which will make sense only to me.

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The problem with me and my art is that nothing is ever truly “done”.  I always want to go back and tweak things but the voice of Mr. Parra (my 6th grade art teacher) rings in my ears, “If you mess with something long enough, you’ll screw it up.”  I’ve developed his mantra of, “When it is signed, it’s done.”

So I’m setting this painting aside for a few days before I sign it.


I’m actually quit happy with it as is, though I am tempted to add some green grass to the image (around the water’s edge).  Might photoshop it in to see how it looks because the background was a custom color I mixed a LONG time ago so anything I paint will be permanent.  Unless I wanted to repaint the background… again.  Which I don’t.

There is some gold shimmery paint on the head and scales that doesn’t really show up well in photographs… also, I found a new printing company that I’ll trying out soon (http://society6.com/DavidMRodriguez).  I need to get some professional photographs of my work taken soon!

Next project, a Super Mario Galaxy tribute for my son.

Flash of insight.

I think better in the shower.  (stop laughing)

I don’t know if its the warmth of the water, the droning of the droplets against my skin, or just the fact that for a few precious moments (okay, okay, 15-20 minutes) I am utterly alone.  No electronics, no mini-me, no wifey.  Just my thoughts and I.

I’m going to ramble about magic, xenophobia, prejudice and slavery a little.  Yeah, it might get a little weird…

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